MHS AP Chemistry
Course Description

Advanced Placement Chemistry is a second-year course designed to meet the needs of the advanced science-oriented student.  This course is roughly equivalent to college freshman general chemistry courses.  This may enable the student to enroll in second semester courses as a freshman, or take courses that list chemistry as a pre-requisite.  For other students, this may may fulfill a college's lab science requirement and free some time for other courses.  The College Board AP Exam must be taken in the spring.

Students are expected to be consistently self-directed in their study - it is expected that students will spend about six hours per week on home preparation.  Many more labs are performed to illustrate good lab techniques, and apply and underscore chemical knowledge.  Emphasis is on energy, molecular orbital theory, solution chemistry (including acid/base, equilibrium, and rate laws), and chemistry in the world around us.  This course is mostly inorganic, but organic compounds are discussed and the basis of their bonding described.

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To receive an AP designation on their transcript, students must take the AP exam in May.  A fee is required to take the AP exam.  Students must commit to this by October 1.

Note:  It is recommended that students completion first year chemistry with a minimum grade of "B."

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