MHS AP Chemistry
Syllabus 3


Chapter 3

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Section 3.1  vocabulary words, reactions, balancing, conservation of mass, stoichiometry
Problems 3.2, 3.6abcd, 3.8abe
Section 3.2  Patterns of Chemical Reactivity - Combustion in Oxygen, Combination, Decomposition
Problems 3.12ad, 3.14ab
Section 3.3 Atomic mass & isotopes, atomic weight, formula vs. molecular wt, % Composition
Problems 3.16b, 3.18, 3.20d, 3.22a, 3.24c
Section 3.4  the Mole
Problems 3.34, 3.38d, 3.42
Section 3.5 Empirical Formulae by analysis
Problems 3.44b, 3.46a, 3.52a
Section 3.6 Calculations with Balanced Equations
Problems 3.60, [3.64c]
Section 3.7 Limiting reactants and theoretical yield
Problems 3.72, 3.76
BALANCE...... practice reactions, if you dare!

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