MHS AP Chemistry
Syllabus 4

Read Chapter 4
Section 4.1  General Properties of Aqueous Solutions
Problems 4.2, 4.6ab
Section 4.2 Precipitation Reactions
Solubility Rules
metathesis reactions
ionic equations: complete vs. net; spectator ions
Listen to "Soluble Song"
Study Solubility rules (see table 4.1 page 111) & common ions
Problems 4.12, 4.14, 4.16
Section 4.3 Acid -Base Reactions
acids, bases, salts
strong vs. weak vs. concentrated vs. dilute
NAVA=NBVB, neutralization reactions (metathesis)
Problems 4.22, 4.26, 4.28b
Section 4.4  Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
oxidation, reduction, "ReDox"
oxidation number
Displacement Reactions    A + BX ® B + AX
   (or M + HX
® H2 + MX)
Activity series
Problems 4.34, 4.38, 4.40b, 4.44a
Section 4.5  Concentrations of Solutions
Molarity, Normality, dilution
C1V1 = C2V2
Problems 4.48, 4.52, 4.54, 4.58a, 4.60
Check Out A summary of Patterns In Chemical Reactions
Lab Determination of Mass/Mole Relationships Ag/Cu RedOx, or Mn/Cu RedOx
Lab 35 Determination of Concentration by RedOx Titration
Lab 29 Qualitative Analysis of Ions (or)
Lab 30 Qualitative Analysis of Ions
Lab 08 Analytical Gravimetric Determination
Lab 15 Determination of an Electrochemical Series
Other Possible Labs:
Lab The 10 Solution Problem
Lab 4 Chemical Reactions
Lab Liquid Separations (distillation)
Lab 14 Lab 14 - the Activity Series

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