MHS AP Chemistry
Syllabus 14


Read Chapter 14
Study Section 14-1 Reaction Rates (appearance, disappearance, units)
Notice C4H9Cl(l) + HOH(l) ® C4H9OH(aq) + HCl(aq) & the write-up in the text 
Note Graphical & numerical methods of determining rate 
Know General Rate Law, rate constant
Study Section 14-2 Dependence of Rate on Concentration
Do Sample Exercise 14.4 in class
Study Section 14-3 Change of Concentration With Time
Check Out [x] = f(t)
notice use of ln and e (see appendix)
half-life for a reaction
Study Section 14-4 Temperature and Rate
Activation energy, Arrhenius Equation
Read Section 14-5 Reaction Mechanisms
Know  reaction mechanism, multi-step reactions, intermediates, 
rate-determining step
Know  Rate laws can be predicted, but must be measured to make sure
Don't worry about memorizing mechanisms - we'll stay fairly basic
Read Section 14-6 Catalysts
Problems 14.4, 14.8, 14.10c, 14.12
14.16, 14.18ab, 14.20
14.40, 14.42
[14.52], [14.91]
Lab 27 Determination of a Rate Law
Lab 28 Determination of a Rate Law
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