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1.A.1 Riverwood Facts Assignment

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The purpose of this assignment is to read about and record some facts about the fictitious Riverwood fish kill described in the textbook. The exam at the end of the unit will include determining the cause of the fish kill and you'll need to have a record of the facts.


1. Read textbook pages 2-8 up to but not including “Uses of Water”.

2. Make a list of facts about the Riverwood fish kill.

3. Answer the following questions:

            a. What evidence might be needed to determine the cause of the fish kill?

            b. What is the source of your drinking water at home?

            c. Describe a similar incidence that has occurred in Middletown or Rhode Island.



Assessment List

Possible Points



This cover sheet is attached to your written work.

The list of facts and the answers to the questions are written or printed on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper, using blue or black ink, are neat and legible, and include an MLA heading on each page.




At least 10 facts about the fish kill are listed.




Answers to the three questions are written as complete sentences and make sense.








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