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1.C.3 (Alternate Lab) Determining Solubility

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In this investigation we will be determining the solubility of table salt (NaCl) in water at room temperature.  We will be using small amounts of salt and water, and scaling up our results, so we will have to be clever.  Every partner will perform this lab individually, so we can get the most results for a good average.




      1.   Obtain a medium test tube and matching stopper.
      2.   Fill your test tube about ¾ of the way with water.
      3.   Add a small pile of salt to your test tube, cap it, and shake it.
      4.   Repeat step 3 until your solution is saturated.  How can you tell it’s saturated?
      5.   Write your name on a small beaker and measure it’s mass as precisely as possible.
  Decant only the solution into the new beaker and measure its mass again.
      6.   Leave your beaker in the oven to dry until the next class meeting.
      7.   When the small beakers are completely dry (and cool), record their mass again.
      8.   Dispose of the residue according to instructions.


ANALYSIS (Individual)


            Mass of beaker test tube                                __________    ___

            Mass of beaker + solution                              __________    ___

            Mass of dried beaker + residue                      __________    ___


            Mass of residue (solute)                                 __________    ___

            Mass of water (solvent)                                  __________    ___

            Solubility of NaCl                                            __________    g/100g H2O








ANALYSIS (Lab Group)


            Name of Group Member                              Measured Solubility

            ____________________                                __________    g/100g H2O

            ____________________                                __________    g/100g H2O

            ____________________                                __________    g/100g H2O

            ____________________                                __________    g/100g H2O

            ____________________                                __________    g/100g H2O


            Average                                                           __________    g/100g H2O


            “Accepted” value                                            __________    g/100g H2O

            (Use CRC Handbook or other source)


            Percent Error for Group’s Results                  __________    %

            (Show % Error calculation below)



















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