MHS Chemistry

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5.C.1 Electrolysis and Voltaic Cells

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  1. Describe the design of a voltaic cell.
  2. Use the activity series of metals to predict the direction of electron flow within a particular voltaic cell.


  1. Read section 5.C.1 Electrolysis and Voltaic Cells (pp. 452--453.)
  2. Draw a model of a voltaic cell (similar to figure 5.31 on page 453) using Mg metal, Mg(NO3)2 solution, Ag metal, and AgNO3 solution. Label the wire, silver electrode, magnesium electrode, salt bridge, solution of silver nitrate, and solution of magnesium nitrate. Also, show the direction of flow of electrons.
  3. Explain how you predicted the direction of electron flow.


_____ Drawing of the voltaic cell with labels. (7 pts.)

_____ Explanation of electron flow. (3 pts.)


_____ Total (10 pts.)


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