MHS ChemCom

1. Mass/Mass (grams solute / 100 grams water)

mass solute = X OR mass solute x100
mass water 100 mass water

2. Percent (%)

mass solute    =   X  OR mass solute   x 100
mass solution 100 mass solution

3. Parts Per Million (ppm)

mass solute    =         X          OR mass solute     x 1,000,000
mass solution 100,000,000 mass solution

4. Parts Per Billion (ppb)

mass solute    =         X             OR mass solute    x 1,000,000,000
mass solution 1,000,000,000 mass solution


NOTE: For ppm and ppb, the amount of solute is so tiny that the mass of the solution and the mass of water can be considered the same. If the mass of solute makes a difference in the answer, then you should use the percent method.

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