MHS Chemistry
Course Description

First year Chemistry is taught with the American Chemical Society's program "Chemistry In The Community."  Chemical concepts and scientific habits of thinking are learned through inquiry in real-world scenarios.  Basic concepts of chemistry are developed through a combination of lab work, individual guided reading and home study, and class discussion.  Emphasis is on critical thinking, problem solving, and chemical concepts, rather than memorization.

This course is a foundation for further study of chemistry and the physical sciences.  Successful completion will benefit students wishing to continue studying the sciences.  It is recommended that all students complete this course successfully before signing up for advanced science classes at MHS.

Satisfactory completion ("C" or better) of Algebra I and previous science classes are essential foundations for students signing up for this course.

A laboratory component is built into the course schedule.  Due to the state's requirement that schools not offer "study halls," there is no extra period scheduled for Chemistry Labs.

First year Chemistry is taught by Mr. Watters and Mr. Zahm in room 207.

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