MHS Chemistry
Heat Of Combustion Score Sheet

Each section is worth 4 points.
Each person has to pass in a lab report.  Include this score sheet separately.
1st Time 2nd Time  
________ ________ Title Stuff - the usual
________ ________ Purpose - Full sentence, good grammar
________ ________ Procedure - Numbered list, clear but not too wordy, what you did and what you measured (This is NOT covered by a lab handout!)
________ ________ Data Table - All data to find q of water and m of sample, decimals aligned, described, labeled, proper number of decimal places, ONLY relevant data included, NO HYPHENS!
________ ________ Calculations/Results - m of water, DT of water, q of water, m of fuel used, heat of combustion, average; each calculation shown with words AND numbers, proper labels, proper decimals in results, must be correct
________ ________ Analysis - Thoughtful discussion of efficiency, no errors in grammar or spelling, reasonable conjecture, +/- questions answered correctly (for a 4).
________ ________ Neatness - Neat, clean, dark ink or pencil or typed (J), few or no cross-outs, few or no grammatical errors, no notebook snow, sections in proper order, score sheet included, one sheet OR one side of each sheet stapled.
________ ________ Safety
    -1     each violation
________ ________ Promptness
    -1     each day late
________ ________ Points earned [out of 28]
________ ________ %


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