MHS Chemistry
Gas Producing Challenge - score sheet

The purpose of this activity was to determine what masses of zinc and magnesium produce an equivalent volume of hydrogen gas. You will report your final results as a ratio.

Each student will pass in their own lab. Each lab should include (as numbered sections):
1. Title Section
2. Data Table - clear, beautiful, correct, and inspiring
3. Balance the reactions:
    _____Mg(s) + _____HCl(aq) ® _____MgCl2(aq) + _____H2(g)
    _____Zn(s) + _____HCl(aq) ® _____ZnCl2(aq) + _____H2(g)
4. In the reaction of magnesium with HCl, which element is reduced?
5. “Magnesium and zinc produce the same volume of gas in a _____ to _____ mass ratio.”
6. Your explanation, in complete sentences, of your answer and reasoning #5.


_____ 4 Title Section (the usual).
_____ 4 Data Table. Clear, correct, complete, no hyphens, decimals lined up.
_____ 4 Reactions balanced correctly. Two points each, no partial credit.
_____ 4 The correct element is identified as reduced. Incorrect element with mistaken (but conceptually correct) explanation is worth two points.
_____ 4 Ratio is correct based on class’s data. One of the two numbers is a “1.” Minus one point for each of the following errors: overly precise ratio, ratio reversed, ratio based only on their own data.
_____ 4 Explanation and reasoning. Correct, understandable, proper grammar, refers to data.
_____ 4 Neatness. This lab should be on no more than one sheet of paper. Typed or neatly written in dark ink. Should be complete, with sections in correct order (to match this sheet). One point penalty for pencil, red or reddish pens, intrusive cross-outs, sections out of order, or missing score sheet.
_____ ? Lab Conduct. Penalties only for improper lab conduct or unsafe behavior.
_____ ? Promptness. This lab is due on __________, as announced in class. One point off for each day late. After five school days this lab is acceptable for a maximum grade of 65. After five more school days this lab will not be accepted.
_____   Points earned out of 28.
_____ % This is your grade.

Another reminder: It said on the lab handout that each person is responsible for handing in their own lab. There are no excuses for not knowing this. You will not get credit for your partners’ lab. Also, your data tables should be pretty similar, but you must answer question 6 in your own words with your own reasoning.

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