MHS Chemistry
I Scream, You Scream...

In this activity, you will be investigating a practical application of one property of solutions.

½ cup of milk 1 large zip-loc bag
¼ cup of whipping crème 1 small zip-loc bag
3 drops of vanilla ice
2 tablespoons of sugar 8 seconds of salt


  1. Combine the ingredients in the first column into the small zip-loc bag.
  2. Add any extra fillings you desire (chocolate chips, Brussels sprouts, etc).
  3. Seal the small bag and place it in the large one.
  4. Half-fill the large bag with crushed ice, and “eight seconds” of salt.
  5. Seal the large bag and shake shake shake.

1. Try a bite of your product. How does it taste?

2. What was the purpose of adding the salt? Answer in terms of chemistry concepts.


  1. Eat the products.
  2. Put the salty slush into a sink.
  3. Put the used zip-loc bags into the trash.

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