MHS Chemistry
Common Organic Acids

In organic chemistry, acids are molecules made mostly of carbon and hydrogen, with a group attached.  Notice that these molecules have the -OH group in them, but they are alcohols because of the additional double-bonded oxygen.  This group is usually written as -COOH when typing.

The acids listed below are the acids we are likely to have available for the Synthesis of Esters lab.  In each diagram, every bend or end of a line is a carbon atom, unless otherwise shown.  Every carbon atom makes four bonds, and every bond not shown is a bond to a hydrogen atom.  Also, each image is also a link to its originating page.

benzoic acid

acetic acid

salicylic acid

citric acid

fumaric acid

p-aminobenzoic acid ("PABA")

nicotinic acid


stearic acid


lauric acid

butyric acid

propionic acid


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