MHS Chemistry
Properties of Pennies #1

The Objectives of this lab are:

 · develop a hypothesis
 · accurately gather and record data relevant to the hypothesis
 · analyze the data graphically
 · develop an explanation for your results
 · develop a revised hypothesis if needed
How do you think the mass of a penny varies with age?  Write down your prediction in the space below.

Develop and record a procedure to check your prediction.  Write a short paragraph comparing your prediction to your results.  What is it about pennies that could account for your results?  Include your data!

What to Pass In:

Write a one-page report that tells what you did and what you found out, in order.  Be as detailed as possible.  Include a graph, and anything else that helped you decide.  The last part should be a question or hypothesis to lead someone to a more detailed explanation of how pennies change with age. 

HINT:  the score sheet lists what pieces are expected, in the order they are expected! Mostly this is an assignment about the Scientific Method, and developing good experimental habits.  Your report should be very clear and focused.  You should read the following documents:  How to Collect Data, How to Make A Graph, and How to Write A Lab Report.

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