MHS Chemistry
Predicting Height

Develop a clear hypothesis.
Develop an appropriate experiment to test the hypothesis.
Gather proper data.
Analyze the data and evaluate the hypothesis.

Do you think there is a correlation between a person's height and the measure of some other body dimension? What do you think it is? Be careful to state exactly what you think should be measured.

Gather the Data
With the rest of the class, gather data to test your hypothesis.

Is there a predictable trend in your data?  Measure the chosen body dimension of a random passerby during class, predict their height, and then measure it.  Calculate the percent error of your prediction.

Write the Lab
Write a short lab report presenting your investigation and findings. Refer to the General Lab Rubric and How to Write A Lab. Also, there is a link below to the specific score sheet for this lab.

Student Learning Expectations
- A Middletown High School graduate will acquire, analyze, and evaluate information and ideas to effectively solve problems.
S2 - A Middletown High School graduate will work cooperatively to achieve group goals and resolve issues.

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