MHS Chemistry
Chemical Reactions
Reaction 03

1. Obtain a small pile of iron filings in an evaporating dish, and observe the appearance of the solid iron. Move a magnet around under the dish and record it’s reaction.



2. Cover the pile with a thin layer of powdered sulfur. Record the appearance of the sulfur.



3. Stir the mixture together with a glass rod, and heat it gently for a few minutes until you can’t see any more yellow sulfur. Do not ignite the mixture.

4. When the mixture has cooled, test it from below with a magnet again. Record your observations.




5. The compound formed is iron (III) sulfide. Write the skeleton equation for the observed reaction of solid iron with sulfur to form the product. (just the chemicals, not balanced):




6. Show the balanced chemical equation for the reaction observed:




7. What type of reaction was this? (Synthesis, etc)




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