MHS Chemistry
Safety Poster Contest

This project was developed in class in November 2004.  Topics will be drawn out of a beaker.  Each student will make a poster of the appropriate size, to be filled in below.  Students will develop a rubric in class.  I will type up, copy, and distribute the rubric/score sheet so students can peer-evaluate before the due date.  Classes will vote on the submissions for each topic, and the winners will be posted for the next year.


Minimum size: 14 inches wide 22 inches tall
Maximum size: 19 inches wide 24 inches tall
Due date: ________________________  


acid shower know the procedure
always acid to water, not visa-versa lubricate the glassware
aprons MSDS
ask if you don't know Murphy's Law
ask permission no open-toed shoes
beware of sharp objects point the test-tube away from you
bunsen burners proper eyewash use
don't ever taste chemicals proper waste disposal
don't play with matches read the label
don't return to stock bottles squirt bottles are not weapons/toys
don't smell chemicals, waft them tie your hair back
exits wear gloves
fire blanket wear goggles
fire extinguisher what happens if there's blood?
heat with a water bath what if you smell gas?
Habits of Mind!  (Click Here for More Information!)
Apply Past Knowledge  
Ask Questions & Pose Problems  
Create, Imagine, & Innovate  
Find Humor  
Gather Data with All Your Senses  
Listen With Empathy & Understanding  
Manage Impulsivitity  
Remain Open to Continuous Learning  
Respond with Wonderment & Awe  
Strive for Accuracy  
Take Responsible Risks  
Think & Communicate with Clarity & Precision  
Think about Your Thinking  
Think Flexibly  
Think Interdependently (Work as a Team)  

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