MHS Chemistry
Separation of a Mixture of Solids Score Sheet

Title Stuff
    4    name(s), date, class/period, title

    4    Proper sentence and grammar, clear and correct purpose, not rambling

Data Table
    4    decimals aligned, all necessary data, ONLY data, each number has name/value/label,
          vertical list, no hyphens, data in order gathered, proper number of decimal places

    4    in the same order they were performed, each number has name/value/label,
          vertical list, proper number of decimals, correct, % calculations at end

    4    clearly summarized in separate section, presented as a table,
          each number has name/value/label, mass & %, within 8% of correct

    4    typed or neatly written in blue or black pen, sections in correct order, few or no
          cross outs, stapled in top left corner, no notebook “snow,” only one side of each page
    0    missing or tattered rough draft

   -1   each day late

[24 points possible]

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