MHS Chemistry
Solubility & Periodic Trends score sheet

Each person will pass in their own lab.
Each category can earn four points.
1st Time 2nd Time



________ ________ Title Stuff - title stuff 1st, title, names, date, class/period
________ ________ Purpose - complete sentence, correct
________ ________ Pre-Lab - one point for each complete correct answer (+1 for full sentences)
________ ________ Data Table - proper number of decimals, decimals lined up, labels, all data present
________ ________ Calculations - m of water, m of solute, solubility, labeled, correct, proper form & decimals
________ ________ Results - two solubilties from your data, three from class averages, labeled
________ ________ Predictions - two predictions, reasonable, labeled, with explanations, full sentences. Note that this is #7 of the procedure.
________ ________ Neatness - typed or neatly written in blue/black pen, sections in correct order, few/no cross outs, stapled in top left corner, no notebook “snow,” one sheet OR one side of each sheet
________ ________ Promptness   -1   for each day late
________ ________ Points Earned [out of 32 points available]
________ ________ %

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