MHS Chemistry
Stoichiometry Worksheet

 Balance the following chemical reactions:

  1. _____H2 + _____O2 ® _____H2O
  2. _____AlBr3 + _____O2 ® _____Al2O3 + _____Br2
  3. _____H2 + _____N2 ® _____NH3
  4. _____Fe + _____HCl ® _____FeCl3 + _____H2
  5. _____N2O4 ® _____NO2
  6. _____KClO3 ® _____KCl + _____O2
  7. _____Ga2(CO3)3 ® _____Ga2O3 + _____CO2
  8. _____NaOH + _____H2SO4 ® _____Na2SO4 + _____H2O

For the following questions, letters in brackets refer to the reactions above.  Assume STP.

  1. What are the values associated with STP?
  2. What volume does one mole of any gas occupy at STP?
  3. [a] How many moles of water are formed per mole of oxygen?
  4. [d] How many moles of hydrochloric acid are needed to form one mole of hydrogen?
  5. [e] How many moles of NO2 can be formed from 5 moles of dinitrogen tetroxide?
  6. [b] How many grams of aluminum (III) oxide can be formed from 1.5 moles of aluminum (III) bromide?
  7. [g] How many grams of gallium (III) carbonate are needed to form 0.55 moles of gallium (III) oxide?
  8. [f] How many grams of potassium chloride can be formed from 92.4 g of potassium chlorate?
  9. [c] How many grams of hydrogen are required to react with 63.0 grams of nitrogen?
  10. [c] How many liters of ammonia can be formed from 4.0 moles of nitrogen?
  11. [d] How many liters of hydrogen gas can be formed from 5.58 grams of iron?
  12. [e] How many liters of N2O4 are required to form 113.2 L of NO2?
  13. [c] How many moles of ammonia can be formed from 6 moles of nitrogen and 4 moles of hydrogen?
  14. [b] How many grams of bromine can be formed from 81.0 grams of aluminum (III) bromide combining with 24.0 grams of oxygen gas? Hint: is there just enough of each?
  15. [h] How many moles of sodium hydroxide are needed to complete neutralize (react with) 3.0 moles of sulfuric acid (hydrogen sulfate)?
  16. [h] What volume of 0.5 molar NaOH would be needed to produce 2.0 moles of water?
  17. [d] If 50.0 g of HCl react to form 40.0 g of FeCl3, what is the percent yield?
  18. [b] What is the percent yield if 25 g of AlBr3 and 25 g of O2 react to form 2.5 g of Al2O3?

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