MHS Chemistry
Sulfur Observations Lab


The purpose of this lab is to observe some of the properties of sulfur.


  1. Sulfur
  2. Small test tube, spatula, bunsen burner, beaker
  3. SAFETY: goggles at all times!


  1. Put on your goggles.
  2. Record your observations of pure sulfur at room temperature
  3. Fill the beaker with tap water.
  4. Put a couple of tiny flakes of sulfur on the end of the spatula. Hold it into the flame until it ignites. Observe for a few moments, then extinguish it in the beaker of water.
  5. Put about an inch of sulfur flakes in your test tube.
  6. Heat the test tube gently over the Bunsen burner. Be sure to hold the tube at an angle, and don't point it at anyone! Record your observations of the sulfur as it heats up.
  7. Pour the hot sulfur into the beaker of water. Watch it for a few minutes, and record your observations.
  8. Clean up according to your teacher's directions.

Write Up

This lab has no analysis section, so you only need to include a title section, purpose, and a complete observation table. Make sure it is clear and complete and super-easy to read (and also correct)!

Score Sheet

[4] Title stuff
[4] Purpose
[4] Observations
[4] Neatness

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