MHS Chemistry
Titration Contest score sheet

Assignment Question
What volume of "base" is required to exactly neutralize a small volume (10.0 - 15.0 mL) of "acid"?

What To Pass In (Reminder)
One lab report, amazingly perfect, for each group.  The report must be on one piece of paper (front and back is OK).  If it's on two sheets of paper it's a "rough draft." and will be returned for re-writing.

  1. Title stuff (the usual).
  2. Purpose.  Hint: it's NOT the assignment question.
  3. Data/Results Table.  Each trial gets it's own column, decimals lined up, proper sig figs, labels, names -- all the good stuff from any data table.  For ease of reading, you may include the concentration of acid (result) as the last line in the data table.
  4. Sample Calculation.  Clear and complete calculation for the first trial.
  5. Overall Results: Clearly show the average concentration of the acid from all of your group's trials.  Also, calculate the average deviation and report that.

Bonus Points (Reminder)

  1. TEN points for the group whose average concentration is closest to the average concentration obtained from all groups in all chem classes.
  2. FIVE points for the group in each class whose average is closest to the class average.  This can't be the same group that gets the ten point bonus, and no bonus points will be awarded for second place.
  3. FIVE points for the group with the smallest average deviation of all classes.
  4. THREE points for the group in each class with the smallest average deviation, unless that group gets the second ten-point bonus.
_____ 4 Title Stuff. The usual.
_____ 4 Purpose.  Clear, correct, complete sentence.
_____ 4 Data/Results Table.  Each trial gets it's own column, decimals lined up, proper sig figs, labels, names, correct.  Results included but clearly labeled.
_____ 4 Sample Calculation.  For first trial, every step clear and easy to follow, named, labeled, correct.
_____ 4 Overall Results.  Overall average and average deviation shown.  Clearly named and labeled, proper sig figs, correct.
_____ 4 Neatness.  This lab should be on no more than one sheet of paper. Typed or neatly written in dark ink. The lab should be complete, with sections in correct order (to match this sheet). One point penalty for pencil, red or reddish pens, intrusive cross-outs, sections out of order, or missing score sheet.
_____ ? Promptness.  One point off for every school day after the due date, which is _____.  This lab wil not be collected after the last day of classes.
_____   Points earned, out of 24.
_____ % The Pre-bonus grade on your lab.
_____ ?? Bonus Points?
_____ % This is your grade on the lab, including bonus points.


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