MHS Chemistry

Nomenclature means "naming system."  Since this is a system of naming chemicals, it is supposed to be easy to remember.  There is a minimum of memorizing needed to name hundreds of chemicals.  You will need a periodic table.  It will not be possible to pass the Nomenclature Test without knowing both sides of this sheet inside and out. Click here to see what procrastinating feels like!

1. Group 1 or Group 2 metals + non-metals

2. Transition metals or metals under the staircase + non-metals

3. Two non-metals

4. Oxyacids (hydrogen attached to a polyatomic anion containing oxygen)

5. Stuff to memorize

  • Charges on Group 1, Group 2, and non-metals in Groups 13 - 17.  Can you explain why Group 18 is not included?
  • Names of monatomic ions
    • Groups 1 and 2 are the same as the element name.
    • Non-metals are the root + -ide.
    • Transition metals (inlcuding metals under the staircase) are the element's name followed by the metal's charge in roman numerals in parentheses.
  • Common names for some compounds (See the last point in #3)
  • Polyatomic ions:
C2O4 oxalate
CH3COO– acetate
ClO3– chlorate
CN – cyanide
CO3 carbonate
CrO4 chromate
Hg22+ mercury (I)
MnO4– permanganate
NH4+ ammonium
NO3– nitrate
O2 peroxide
OH – hydroxide
PO4 phosphate
SO4 sulfate
(there's also a list from ChemComm)



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