The Middletown High School Music Department
The Singing Freshman
by Ken Bennett

performed April 5 & 6, 1963
Directed by Mrs. Ann (Gardella) Cafarelli

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Henry Ernest Sousa
Jack Peter Wilde
Bill James Rosacker
Jasper Michael Kelly
Stewart Lawrence Kleven
Jessie Carol Reinert
Mary Katie Webb
Marie Carol Genslicki
The Others:  
Sam (An Upper-classman Who Stutters) Michael Hollywood
The Dean of the College William Cowsill
Pop (Owner of the College Hangout) George Mello
Quay (Protectorate of Princess Zinita) Gerald Faddis
Gordon (The Singing Freshman) Robert White
Zinita (Princess of Magonia) Jeanne Kozacka
Robber (A "Fake" Hold-up Man) Robert Toppa
Accompanied by Wayne Ward
Mildred Alford, Sally Eisenbach, Gerald Faddis, Mary J. Fludder, Carol Genslicki, Judith Karlak, Michael Kelly, Lawrence Kleven, George Mello, Gertrude K. Miller, Patsy Miller, Nancy Peckham, Carol Reinert, James Rosacker, Edward Skahill, Ernest Sousa, Jane Stevenson, Linda Therrien, Diane Tonnes, Robert Toppa
Conducted By John Stare
Violin Leslie Michael
Bass William Bamberg
Clarinet I Nancy Humes
Clarinet II Greg Van Hof
Alto Sax Norene Seiple
Tenor Sax Robert Garcia
Piano Wayne Ward
Drums Richard Sousa
August Miller, Sandra Van Riet
Tickets Linda Cohen, Patsy Miller
Publicity Jane Stevenson, Kathleen Spero,
Janet Ward, Leslie Michael,
Michael Hollywood, Susan Spero
Props Pauline Kleven, Brian Shaw, Bruce
Micheel, August Miller, Carol
Reinert, George Mello
Scenery Bruce Sherman, Gene Santa,
Paul Raffa, Andrew Perlmutter,
Michael Serotta
Lights and Curtain Ed Miller, John Kelly
Programs Diane Templeton, Carol Whitaker,
Patricia Andrade, Karen White
Make-Up Sandra Van Reit, Dinah Tucker,
Joyce Rebello, Linda Duvall,
Karen White
Line Rehearser Miss Myrtle Sullivan
Mr. Dan Congden
Mr. Arthur North
Mr. Joseph Digati
Mr. John Stare
Miss Mary Esposito
Mrs. Myrtle Sullivan
Mrs. Barbara Lilly
Mr. Robert Sullivan
Mr. William Loughery
Miss Geraldine Taylor


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[from the Middletown Zephyer, March 14, 1963]

"The Singing Freshman" is an operetta in three acts by Ken Bennett. Mary (played by Katie Webb), a student from Yalenova, takes a summer trip abroad. She visits the small country of Magonia and while there, becomes a good friend of the Princess of that country, Zinita, played by Jeanne Kozaczka. The Princess decides to come to America for her education. Because she wishes to be very democratic, she takes a job as a waitress in Pop Jones' Cafe, the college hang-out. George Mello plays Pop Jones. Gordon, who is portrayed by Bob White in the play, is a farm boy with a good voice who also works at this cafe. The two fall in love, only to be thwarted by their difference in social positions, and the fact that Zinita is to be betrothed to the Prince of Olgania. The students and others, however, take matters into their own hands and bring about a happy solution.

THANK YOU to Betty Peckham for sending me a copy of the program for this show!

[From the MHS Yearbook:]
standing:?, ?, Gus Roshacher
sitting: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
[From the Newport Daily News:]
April 4, 1963

An operetta, "The Singing Freshman," will be presented by Middletown High School students April 5 and 6 in the school.

Jeanne Kozacka and Robert White will play the leading roles. Others in the cast will be Katie Webb, Carol Reinert, Carol Genslicki, Michael Hollywood, Peter Wilde, Robert Toppa, William Cowsill, August Rosacker, George Mellow, Ernie Sousa, Michael Kelly, Lawrence Kleven and Jerry Taddis.


[From the Newport Daily News:]
April 6, 1963


Cast members in "The Singing Freshman" a three act musical presented by Middletown High School students last night at school, are shown in one of song numbers. They are, from left, Gerald Faddis, James Rosecker, Robert Toppa, Robert White, who had title role; William Cowsill and George Mello.

"The Singing Freshman", a musical comedy by Ken Bennett, was presented by the music department of the Middletown High School in the school auditorium last night. A second performance will be presented tonight.

. . .

William Cowsill as the dean of the college deserves credit for his impersonation.


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