MHS Chemistry
Nomenclature Worksheet #5

Name each of the following compounds using the rules from the nomenclature worksheet.  Many of these compounds are just made up; but they should be good practice anyway.

GaP Ti3N4 HI Li2Te
VAt3 Ta3N5 WO3 FrAt
RuN As2S3 SnO2 Cu3P
MoP2 Y2O3 Ba3P2 BaSe
La2Te3 NoSe2 Ca3N2 CoP
Ha2Te5 Cu2Te PoP2 BiN
TiTe2 Ti3P4 BiAs Ho3P4
USe2 Pa3N4 PoSe3 CaSe
PbS FeTe3 P2O5 PI3
Si3P4 Ag2O CoN BrAt

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