MHS Chemistry
Polyatomic Ions

This is just a list of fourteen very common polyatomic ions.  The best thing to do is just memorize them.  We'll have quizzes on them by themselves, and as parts of compounds.  They will not be open notes quizzes.   Maybe flash cards would be a good idea?    Click here to see what procrastinating feels like!

CH3COO acetate
NH4+ ammonium
CO32 carbonate
ClO3 chlorate
CrO42 chromate
CN cyanide
OH hydroxide
Hg22+ mercury (I)
NO3 nitrate
C2O42 oxalate
MnO4 permanganate
O22 peroxide
PO43 phosphate
SO42 sulfate

How to write names from formulas.
How to write formulas from names.
More complete nomenclature notes.

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